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Between an outstanding idea and an outrageous one…there is often just a thin line.. Our company believes in finding outstanding solutions for each project. And our clients greatly appreciate.



Mr. Lakhmendra Khurana

CMD: Excel Infoways Ltd.


Mr. Lakhmendra Khurana (CMD: Excel Infoways Ltd.)Leading the Forefront, Mr. Lakhmendra Khurana strongly believes in Karma (The duties) and to him nothing is unsuccessful. If it is unsuccessful that means someone somewhere has compromised on efforts.

His message is clear, HARD FOCUS by means of efforts and not pressures.


He is the Winner of Nation Pride award for his efforts and contribution to the society.


He drives the parent company’s vision of building an organization that is respected  for its global standards of quality and delivery.


His hands-on approach to leadership and his exceptional communication and interpersonal skills have fortified Excel Infoways Ltd.  to excel globally.


“You don’t have to manage people, you have to empower them”,  says Mr. Khurana with a smile.


He is responsible for creating and framing the entire Business Model for clients. Under his leadership Excel has achieved over a 95% success rate in client retention.




Ms. Ranjana Khurana

Executive Director


Ms. Ranjana Khurana (Executive Director) Ms. Ranjana Khurana is Executive Director and one of the Promoters of our Company. She holds a Masterís Degree in Arts from Meerut University. She was previously running a garment export business for 11 years. She is responsible for administration related activities of the Company.







Mr. Ravi Sinha

Independent Director


Mr. Ravi Sinha (Independent Director)Mr. Ravi Sinha is a Post Graduate in the Science stream. He brings in 37 + yrs of experience as an Executive and in Managerial positions of acclaim. He has been associated with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for 22 yrs, post that he gained an opportunity to implement his expertise with Air – India. He is currently continuing with the role of being a Director for our organization, wherein his role includes Planning and implementation of Prevention and Investigative, security Planning Procedures. Customer and Public Relations with local, Central Law Enforcements and Govt. agencies and assistance in Crisis management.


His objective is to provide unparallel support and assistance, in corporate strategy and planning to maintain the optimum level of productivity, profitability and discipline under established rules, regulations and practices.


Mr. Sinha strongly believes, “ We don’t read and write poetry because its cute. We do it because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. So therefore I am far too passionate about the duties that i am entitled to do and do it with a heart of steel and make sure that the plinth of the company always stays intact.”




Mr. Binoy Gupta

Independent Director


Mr. Binoy Gupta (Independent Director)Mr. Binoy Gupta joined the Indian revenue Service in 1968, working in various capacities. Additionally, he is also an active member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries, London.  A keen photographer and writer. He has written over hundred of articles on a wide range of subjects ranging from medical subjects to travel. These have been published in almost all the leading magazines and publications of India. Some articles are being published by a Hong Kong based magazine.


Mr. Gupta states, “ I am overwhelmed with the kind of work that I am subjected to. It provokes a plethora of joy in me to succeed in my daily routine. It doesn’t sound mundane at all when have to retain the assets for my company and work shoulder to shoulder with them.”



Mr. Ramesh Joshi

Independent Director


Mr. Ramesh Joshi (Independent Director)Mr. Ramesh Joshi is a Non Executive Independent Director of the Company. He is LLB., from Nagpur University. He has an overall experience of about 38 years. He has worked with various regulatory authorities of India such as Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) during his work tenure.


He held various important positions in RBI since 1972 such as the General Manager- Exchange Control Department and Rural Planning and Credit Department, Chief General Manager- Department of Banking Supervision, Rural Planning and Credit Department etc. He was earlier on board of many banks and finanicial institutions viz, State Bank of Mysore, Karnataka State Financial Corporation etc as RBI Nominee Director. He was appointed as an Executive Director in SEBI in the year 2002-03 and was in charge of Primary Markets, Mutual Funds, Foreign Institutional Investors etc.




Ms. Isha Khurana

Deputy General Manager – Operations


Ms. Isha Khurana (Deputy General Manager – Operations)Ms. Isha Khurana is an alumnus of the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Institue of Technology, majoring in Computer Engineering. Armed with innumerable extra – curricular activities to her credit, this vivacious lady has a keen eye for the Operational activities in our centre, acting in the role of the Operations Manager mending out instructions as regards to the Campaigns, Client retention and the likes.


She is an Integral part of Excel in the Operations Department. Additionally, she has juggled the financial aspect of the company as well. An articulate lady, she keeps her head firmly on her shoulders and drives her team to prosperity through honesty, dedication, perseverance and oodles of hard work.


Ms. Isha proclaims, “I devotedly believe in the passion for Team work. I do believe that hard work coupled with smart work, dedication and loyalty reaps rich benefits at the helm and produces assets for the organization and richness by the dozens”.




Mr. Mrinal Khurana

Asst. General Manager – Business Development


Mr. Mrinal Khurana (Asst. General Manager – Business Development)Mrinal has over 4 years of experience of BPO industry; he has been associated with the Contact Center industry right from the beginning of his career and has worked with global leaders like Ventura, Convergys, IBM Daksh and EXL leading projects for clients in the UK, USA, Australia and India.


“As the vehicle drawn by ‘Action’ and ‘Vision’ is so important and real for success in human life that non other can be equal to it, I rely on it for the building of a golden future. I believe in honesty; honesty comes from courage, courage comes from hard-work and hard-work is, definitely, the outcome of sincerity. So, honesty, courage, hard-work and sincerity are the principles of my life.”





Ms. Bela Ash



Ms. Bela Ash has 7 years of experience in terms of Organizations functions and maximum utilization of manpower Ms. Bela Ash a commerce graduate and bachelor in law (LLB) acting as Manager of the company. Earlier she was practicing in Mumbai High Court in responsible for monitoring day to day commercial affairs which involves: Finalization and negotiation of new and existing business deal, Ensuring all the legal compliances are meeting out properly, Drafting and finalization of Service Level, Agreement (SLA), Non Disclosure, Agreement (NDA) and all financial agreement with clients, Ensuring bills are being raised timely.




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